Invisible Dust

London | Wednesday 17 October
Pollution level: Moderate

RE·THINK: Environment

© Mariele Neudecker, 'Cook and Peary' 2013 in THINK, National Maritime Museum

‘RE·THINK: Environment’, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, SE10 9NF. FREE:  open daily 10.00–17.00, Dec 2014 – Spring 2015.

Mariele Neudecker, Adam Chodzko and HighWaterLine Bristol exhibited works as part of ‘Invisible Dust in Museums’, it was the first time the artworks were shown in London, as part a new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in the RE.THINK Space.

RE·THINK is an exciting opportunity at the National Maritime Museum, giving visitors the space to explore, discover and reflect on the themes of the Museum, and create responses within the gallery.

Why do we worry about the weather? How has the weather affected an event in your life? Has the weather changed in your lifetime? RE·THINK Environment asked visitors such questions and revealed the hidden environmental stories within the Museum’s collection.

Mariele Neudecker exhibited one of her new tank works ‘Cook and Peary’ 2013, alongside photographs and artifacts that she collected on her expedition to Greenland with inuit hunters:

‘During the first week of May in 2012, Gretel Ehrlich (US writer) and myself joined a week long hunting trip in North West Greenland. Because of the dangers and challenges to travel on the sea-ice in those regions, we joined Inuit subsistence hunters Mamarut, Mikeli und Gideon Kristiansen, Berta Dalager to hunt for Walruss and Narwhal. In that time of year all ice is slowly melting, we managed to go ‘carefully’ away from Qaanaaq out in North Westerly direction to Hvalsund, Ikerssuaq, the Whale Sound,’ Mariele Neudecker December 2014.

THINK space photo

RE·THINK, National Maritime Museum

Adam Chodzko presented ‘Rising’ the atmospheric audio work co commissioned with Great North Run Culture. ‘Rising’ is an extraordinary, waterlogged, dreamlike future for a population based around the event of an exodus in the form of a mass run from a flooded city. Originally inspired by the Great North Run, in ‘Risingthe runners have adapted physically and psychologically to their increasingly aquatic environment of flash flooding and rising water levels brought about through climate change. More info.


Performance and talk 11th April 2015

‘Rising’ was performed by Gretchen Egolf in the Museum’s auditorium and a talk took place with Mariele Neudecker, Adam Chodzko and Tamsin Relly (who was also in residence in the RE THINK space).

A documentary video of HighWaterLine Bristol by Eve Mosher with Creative Catalysts, where local residents drew a 32 mile chalk line to represent future flooding levels in September 2014 was also part of the exhibition.

Info about RE·THINK.

Interview with Joanna Salter, the National Maritime Museum’s Digital Participation Manager, about ‘RE·THINK: Environment’