Invisible Dust

London | Sunday 17 February
Pollution level: Moderate

Ellie Harrison ‘Anti Capitalist Aerobics’ 13

Check out Ellie’s video of her ‘revolutionary new exercise programme’ performed at the ‘Ways of Seeing Climate Change’ conference in Manchester on 30 October 2013. Film by Emma Crouch and camera by Tor Kristoffersen.

Ellie Harrison’s ‘Anti Capitalist Aerobics’ was part of Invisible Heat, a programme of arts commissions made with collaborations with scientists and supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Invisible Heat artworks were planned throughout 2014-2015 with artists Semiconductor, Gordon Cheung, Kasia Molga, Adam Chodzko (new in 2015), Ellie Harrison (new in 2015) Natalie Jeremijenko and Gyorgyi Galik. Collaborating with scientists including Professor Paul Wilkinson, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Professor Frank Kelly, Environmental Health, King’s College London and Professor Kevin Anderson, Energy and Climate Change, Tyndall and Manchester University.

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