Invisible Dust

London | Wednesday 21 August
Pollution level: Moderate

China Mieville

© The expedition submersible that took author China Miéville on a descent into the deep ocean, courtesy of Nekton Mission and VRTÜL


Listen to an audio extract of the acclaimed author’s essay Tehom

The title of this piece Tehom is the Hebrew word for the Deep or the Abyss. In August 2016 award-winning fantasy fiction writer China Miéville travelled to Bermuda to follow in the footsteps of American naturalist William Beebe eight decades before. He descended the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in a submersible inspiring a new essay which describes a journey into the darkness of the ocean. Miéville also includes accounts from early pioneers of underwater exploration and the reflections of eminent poets, philosophers and writers from across the centuries.

Tehom provides fascinating contexts into what remains unchartered territory. 50,000 beautifully designed copies of the essay were produced for visitors to take away for free during Offshore: artists explore the sea at Ferens Art Gallery and Hull Maritime Museum from 1 April to 28 August 2017. Visitors to the gallery and museum were also invited to listen to the audio extracts that are available on this page and that have been read by the author.