Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 26 March
Pollution level: Moderate

Professor Peter Brimblecombe

Peter Brimblecombe

Peter Brimblecombe is a Professor in Atmospheric Chemistry at the School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia and was appointed senior editor of Atmospheric Environment in 1990. Working with contemporary artists and writers will give a new depth to Brimblecombe’s research, which has previously examined historical cultural treatment of air pollution in paintings, film and literature.

Brimblecombe has been involved with projects ranging from a recent European Community (EC) project NOAH’s ARK looking at climate change and heritage damage, work on the effects the environment, and artistic expression in literature, painting and cinema. Brimblecombe has worked within European Commission, EC cultural heritage projects in FP4 FP5 and FP6. He has advised the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the House of Lords on heritage science. He has had many projects funded by UK research funding bodies (e.g. NERC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust) and most recently the AHRC has funded a project “preparing historic collections for climate change”. He is also involved in the EC Network of Excellence ACCENT, where he is active within the teaching and communication module and is an external assessor for EPISCON, the European PhD in Conservation of Art. He is frequently involved with radio and television and radio and has produced a “scientific” colouring book for children called The Colour of Time.


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