Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 26 March
Pollution level: Moderate

art: Das Kunstmagazin

Offshore: Artists Explore The Sea – Information zur Ausstellung 

Yorkshire Post

New City of Culture Exhibition About The Sea 

Hull Daily Mail

Artists and Scientists join forces 

Hull Daily Mail

Offshore: Artists Explore The Sea unites Ferens Gallery and Maritime Museum in Hull 

Rochdale Online

Sian Morton wins national film competition

‘The Human Sensor is a story told by breath’

Metro International

High-tech clothing changes colour to show air pollution

Hartford Courant

Wearable tech could change how we think about pollution

The Guardian

The Human Sensor Making Manchester Air Pollution Visible

Prolific North

Making the Invisible Visible in Manchester 

See the Clothing That Shows How Bad Smog is in Your Neighbourhood: July 2016

The Washington Post

How wearable technology could change the way we think about air pollution: June 2016

London Evening Standard

Clothing changes colour to show pollution: June 2016


Kasia Molga’s ‘Human Sensor’ comes to Manchester: June 2016

Gadget 360

How Wearable Technology Could Change the Way We Think About Air Pollution: June 2016


The “Human Sensor” is a Garment That Responds to Air Pollution: June 2016

Arts Hub

Art detects pollution by changing colour in toxic air: June 2016


A big societal change? The hi-tech clothing that changes colour to show air pollution: June 2016

Art Monthly

Adam Chodzko ‘Deep Above’ Review: February 2016

Art Newspaper

Why do we keep ignoring climate change?: November 2015


Bristol flood line: Art Project sees city streets chalked: September 2014

Art Daily

Drones to photograph 32 mile long artwork after successful appeal: September 2014

The Guardian

Art project to highlight risk of climate change to Bristol: September 2014

Culture 24

Leading artists add humour and wonder to warning signs in Disappearing Nature: May 2014

The Guardian

‘Neurone: meet the world’s first sentient chameleon artwork‘: March 2014


Climate Change: “Artists can energise people to act”: October 2013  


‘Jogging not drowning: Great North Run Culture programme’: September 2013

The Guardian

Elizabeth Price’s presentation at Envisioning the Universe, National Maritime Museum. Will the digital age kill off art?: July 2013

Media Culture Design Corporation

Invisible Dust: Natalie Jeremijenko and Ollie Palmer: June 2013


‘Framing change – Daniel Cressey tours scientists and artists who are showcasing elusive environmental shifts.’  VOL 497: May 2013

BBC Radio 4

Start of the Week: Brighton Festival with Mariele Neudecker Producer; Katy Hickman First broadcast: May 2013

Culture 24

Mariele Neudecker – Heterotopias and Other Domestic Landscapes at the Brighton Festival: April 2013

Art Monthly

‘Is There A Horizon In The Deep Water’ – HeHe featured in: Art & Catastrophe, Bob Dickinson charts artists’ responses to environmental disasters: December 2012

Oxford Times

Turner Prize winner works on new space project at Rutherford lab, Damian Fantanto: December 2012


An archaelogy of decisions: in conversation with Elizabeth Price, Paul Squires: December 2012

The Guardian

An artist’s impression of London’s air pollution problem, John Vidal: December 2012

Time Out

Dryden Goodwin, Breathe, Artist draws breath to show that London’s air sucks, Martin Coomer, Time Out 2-8 October 2012 Video: exclusive Dryden Goodwin’s projection: October 2012

Design Week

Dryden Goodwin’s Breathe unveiled on side of St Thomas’ Hospital, Tom Banks: October 2012


Can smartphones help us understand more about Bats?: July 2012

Culture 24

Jeremy Deller’s Bats in Space wing it for public walks through Olympic London, Ben Miller: July 2012

Royal Academy Magazine

Jeremy Deller’s ‘Bats in Space’, Eleanor Mills: July 2012

The Observer

Ethical living: can art be environmentally friendly? Lucy Siegle, Sunday: April 2012

Huffington Post

On Poor Air Quality, We Face ‘Perfect Storm’ In 2012 – Or Do We?: July 2012

The Guardian

Olympic athletes at risk from London air pollution, artist’s film shows, John Vidal, Environment Editor, 8th July 2011

The Guardian

Can art help us understand environmental disaster?, Jessica Lack, March 21st, 2011

The Guardian

‘Invisible Dust’ – This week’s new exhibition’s, Sainsburys Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, January 8th, 2011

The Guardian

In clean air we fly’- Kaffe Matthews, Gillett Sq London, Iain Chambers Guardian bike podcast, 6 December 2009

Hackney Gazette

Six Hundred Cyclists air new Dalston artwork

Hackney Today

Lighting Up the Square

Culture 24

Artist collective recreate BP oil disaster at humble lido for Cambridge Science Festival, 18 March 2011

Boundary Object

HeHe Jesus Green, 17 March 2011

Networked Music Review

Weekly Picks

Babel Blog

News piece


Preview of In Clean Air We Fly, Kaffe Matthews


Kobberling and Kaltwasser are on the greenway today

Magnificent Revolution

Preview of In Clean Air We Fly, Kaffe Matthews

London Air Quality

‘Invisible Dust’ a major new Art & Science collaboration project

Wellcome Trust

Trust-funded events in National Science and Engineering Week features Invisible Dust

Creative Data

Invisible Dust Project – Double Pendulum

Design Buzz

Gavin Turk and Ben Wilson’s 4H: A unicycle for a family of four!


New Work by Ben Wilson & Gavin Turk

Art Selector

Ben Wilson & Gavin Turk reinvent the wheel


Bicycle Wheel is a series of art events around cycling in June and July 2011

East London’s Viewtube staging play of Italian classic Bicycle Thieves this coming week

EDP 24

Funding boost for Norwich schools

Hidden Garments

4H a reinterpretation of the bicycle for a modern era

Art Licks

Double Pendulum

Creative Data

Double Pendulum takes a critical look at the effect of London’s poor air quality on athletes

Presenting Is there a horizon in the deep water?: HeHe


Gavin Turk and Ben Wilson’s 4H


Double Pendulum at the View Tube

Global Warming Cause

Presenting Plane Jam : HeHe

Sainsbury Centre for the Arts

Imaginative new work from artists in residence at UEA School of Environmental Sciences


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