Invisible Dust

London | Friday 25 May
Pollution level: Moderate

Power of the Sea @ the RWA Bristol


British artists throughout history have been fascinated and entranced by the sea and oceans, ‘The Power of the Sea’ an exhibition at the RWA opening on the 5th April is exhibiting a multi-disciplinary approach to this vast subject within art. Showcasing work from the most traditional to contemporary artists, and in doing so will highlight the shifting relationships between the artist and this incredible source of inspiration. From the romanticism of some of the earliest work exhibited such as George Morland and Walter Langley depicting the human cost of shipwrecks and their aftermath to the effects of climate change upon the sea, coastal erosion and rising sea levels, that is portrayed in work by artists such as Jethro Brice, Simon Read and Michael Porter.

Environmental artist Jethro Brice‘s work discusses the uncertainty and possibilities that come with the various effects and results of climate change. He will be working with Invisible Dust on HighWaterLine – Bristol a project that will looks at the effects of flooding upon Bristol within local communities.

The Power of the Sea will be open from 5th April until the 7th July at the RWA for more information visit 


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