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London | Sunday 17 February
Pollution level: Moderate

New Video launches Manchester Museum Owl Project residency


As part of our new Owl Project residency at Manchester Museum, Invisible Dust spent a day in Manchester this week with the artists and museum curators. We were delighted to be given a behind the scenes tour of the zoology and anthropology of the Museum collections which included these amazing Death’s-Head Hawkmoths below, which raid bee hives at night. They are given a negative reputation due to their markings but are in fact pretty harmless. The curators gave insights into the relationship of their collections to aiding understanding of the environment and were keen to discuss ideas with the artists.

The residency will offer the Owl Project an opportunity to explore some of the amazing 4.5 million objects and specimens, ranged across nature and culture, that are part of the Museum collection.

Manchester Museum is the UK’s largest university museum and one of the most significant museums in the country.

death's-head hawkmoths

For a sneak peek at the upcoming Owl Project project, watch this:

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Video by Tor Kristoffersen


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