Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 16 July
Pollution level: Moderate

NATURE cover Mariele Neudecker’s exhibition!


Mariele Nuedecker, Iceberg, 2013, photo Michael Habes

Mariele Nuedecker, Iceberg, 2013, photo Michael Habes


We are delighted to let you know that one of the world’s leading science magazines NATURE has just covered Mariele Neudecker’s collaboration with Professor Alex Rogers marine biologist, Oxford University and her artworks produced with environmentalist and Arctic writer Gretel Erhlich. Invisible Dust has worked with Neudecker since 2010 supporting the development of her ideas, collaborations and assisting with applications for funding for her research trip to Greenland to create the Arctic artworks.

Neudecker has created an installation curated by Celia Davies in the Regency Town House, as the Lead artist for HOUSE an exhibition currently being presented at the Brighton Festival 12-6pm from Thursday-Sunday until 26th May.

‘Mariele Neudecker’s extraordinary installation in Hove, sets on different storeys of the dwelling artworks sparked, in part, by global environmental issues.’

‘The conscious framing of her work-by the limits of the human eye, the torch beam of a deep sea vehicle or a doorway-adds to the disquiet generated by the compression of vast landscapes into humdrum domesticity.’

‘Invisible Dust is becoming known for its subtle delivery of powerful messages.’

Quotes from: ‘Framing change – Daniel Cressey tours scientists and artists who are showcasing elusive environmental shifts’. 9th May, VOL 497, NATURE.

Pdf of the article: Framing change NATURE Invisible Dust 9th May 2013.


HOUSE Location: Regency Town House, 13 Brunswick Square, Brighton & Hove, BN3 1EH

Exhibition open: 12-6pm Thurs – Sun, 4th-26th May



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