Invisible Dust

London | Saturday 23 March
Pollution level: Moderate

MODEL: upcoming exhibition at Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague

Mariele Neudecker, There Is Always Something More Important, 2012

Lorenz Estermann, Antony Gormley, Mariele Neudecker, Julian Opie, Jaroslav Róna, Tom Sachs, Pavla Sceranková, Thomas Schütte, Rachel Whiteread, Edwin Zwakman and others

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to visit Prague, then here one is. From 29th January to 3rd of May 2015 the new exhibition MODEL will be on at the Galerie Rudolfinum. Presenting work from a selection of contemporary authors, including Invisible Dust’s Mariele Neudecker, and other internationally acclaimed artists who in their work explore the phenomenon of models and modelling – either constructing 3D models, or using models to create paintings, photographs and videos.

Within this fascinating topic the exhibition will address two main themes. First, how do we understand and define “model” in relation to image, object and sculpture? Second, it will highlight the complex and multifaceted relationship between model and some form of tangible or imagined reality, the ways models negotiate the distance from/to some precedent or original, or how some of them they assume a form of hyperreal simulacra.

Curated by Ladislav Kesner, the exhibition aims to open a space of reflection on the enigmatic concept of model and modelling, bringing  together a range of art works in different media, scale and artistic approaches. At the same time, through the range of artistic positions included, the exhibition will present the diverse roles and uses models in artistic practice can assume: from a memory tool, cognitive instrument, self-sustained artistic object to an instrument of social argumentation and discourse, or just a toy.

For more information visit the Galerie Rudolfinum website.


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