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London | Sunday 25 February
Pollution level: Moderate

Mariele Neudecker and Klaus Thymann’s Greenland Expedition in the Guardian

Mariele Neudecker, Some Things Happen All At Once, 2016

The Guardian have done a piece featuring Mariele Neudecker, whose work is part of Invisible Dust’s contribution to the Hull City of Culture 2017. Neudecker and photographer Klaus Thymann went on a research expedition to Greenland last year, to observe and photograph the glaciers of Narsarsuaq, south-west Greenland. The collaboration was part of a collaboration with Project Pressure to record the disappearance of the world’s glaciers using art as inspiration. The trip also inspired works in Neudecker’s solo exhibition Some Things Happen All At Once at the Zeppelin gallery.

Check out the article and all the images on the Guardian website here.



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