Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 15 October
Pollution level: Moderate

Many Hands


Many Hands is an ongoing project by Invisible Dust’s Young Curators, Natalie Lee and Layla Hendow. The project takes a truly hands-on approach to addressing climate change, inviting the public to make environmental pledges and combining this with hand portrait photography by Under Her Eye Fellow, Yasmine Akim. If everyone does one small thing – or one big thing! –  to help the environment, then together we can make a real difference.

Our hands connect us to the natural world. They allow us to experience and explore it through touch. But what happens when the natural world changes, alters, or disappears?

Many Hands workshops include hand portrait photography, crafting hand-shaped trinkets, and writing environmental pledges to take home as a reminder and souvenir.

Buy your copy of the Many Hands Zine here. The Many Hands Zine is handmade and shares a collection of environmental pledges alongside hand portrait photography. The issue also includes written features that respond to the theme: Women & Climate Change.

Photos taken at previous ‘Many Hands’ events c) Yasmine Akim

Layla Hendow
Layla Hendow is an Invisible Dust Young Curator and Under Her Eye Fellow. She is a PhD researcher at the University of Hull and her thesis explores the representations of waste and garbage in postmodern American fiction. Her interests include eco-literature, waste and garbage studies, speculative fiction and contemporary British and American Literature. Recently, her focus has been on petrofiction and cli-fli, with a particular focus on fiction by Margaret Atwood. She has delivered conference papers on the topic of waste, landfills, and the body as waste in American literature, and she has a publication forthcoming in a special collection by the Open Library of Humanities on “Waste: papers on Disposability, Decay and Depletion”.

Natalie Lee
Natalie Lee is an artist specialising in installation and solo performance, exploring themes of home, identity, and attachment to place. Her most recent work aims to destabilise and challenge popular cultural/media narratives that exist around council estates and their residents. Her artwork has been exhibited in Liverpool, Manchester, and Hull and she has presented research at conferences both in the UK and internationally. She is currently one of Invisible Dust’s Young Curators for 2018/19.


Yasmine Akim
Yasmine Akim is an Under Her Eye Fellow. She is a photojournalist based in London specialising in portraiture and has recently graduated from studying a BA (Hons) in Photography at The London College of Communication. She started working as a house photographer for the Roundhouse Studios at 18 since then she has photographed several artists including Flying Lotus and the London Contemporary Orchestra. Yasmine has exhibited her work at Autograph ABP as a part of ‘The Missing Chapter Collective’ and Ditto Press with her Feminist photo zine ‘Vagina Dentata’. Additionally, she is a content developer for Shades of Noir and her photography has been published by HYSTERIA (as a member of their collective), The Independent, The New Statesman, Dazed and Confused and VICE.

Instagram: Yasmine_akim