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London | Sunday 17 February
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Least developed countries agree to cut emissions


Least Developed Countries of the UN

News from the UN climate talks: the 49 countries making up the UN’s Least Developed Countries (LDC) have pledged to lower their emissions of greenhouse gases, although they insist that industrialised nations, who emit most of the carbon dioxide damaging the atmosphere, should be the ones leading climate change initiative.

Their actions could have a great impact on the pace of UN climate change: united, these 49 countries have significant negotiating power, as they represent 12% of the world’s people. A number of developed countries had refused to accept restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions until the LDC did so as well, maintaining that developing countries are just as responsible for greenhouse gases and global warming as the world’s most industrialised nations. This move by the LDC show that they now accept that responsibility. Their willingness to go forward with this commitment may set an example for more powerful nations, says Prakash Mathema, current chair of the LDC in climate negotiations. His new mantra: “Follow us.”

The goal is still to stabilise global temperatures below 2°C, which has been widely accepted as the global threshold for dangerous climate change.

In other news, a survey run by Stanford University revealed that 82% of Americans now believe in climate change, an overwhelming majority which has been a long time coming. Hopefully, the United States and other developed countries, including the UK, will soon follow the LDC’s example and also cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Invisible Dust is working on new projects with Earth observation scientists at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, which aim to raise awareness of the physical changes happening to our planet as a direct consequence of climate change. Awareness leads to activism, and hopefully to progressive policies. Stay tuned!



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