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London | Tuesday 15 October
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Julian Stratenschulte/European Pressphoto Agency

Julian Stratenschulte/European Pressphoto Agency

The U.S Presidential Election has been dominating the headlines and international for months, it has been a particularly troubling set of campaigns – especially from the Republican nominee, someone who we seem to all have run out of things to say about due the terrifying and totally immoral nature of his rhetoric.

But the overwhelming threat to world; climate change, is a topic that has been skirted around throughout the race. Below are some recent articles that discuss this worrying omission as well as highlighting Trump’s particularly prominent climate change skepticism – something that makes the thought of his presidency infinitely more dangerous than it already is.

Paul Krugman, New York Times : Krugman asks why the issue of climate change has been so avoided in the presidential race and how enormous the divide is between the parties on the topic.

Oliver Milman, The Guardian : Trump, if elected will be the only major world leader who denies climate change, in a world full of despotic leaders.

Rajiv Sicora, Common Dreams : An interesting look at the polarized divide between Americans on topic of Climate Change



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