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London | Tuesday 26 March
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Invisible Dust Recommends #8 – Renewable Energy, Global Efforts & Hope For The Future



A solar panel field in the desert surrounding Las Vegas – Reuters


When capping off the year there is an understandable tendency to talk about ‘how terrible 2016 has been’, to the point where there is only so much doom and gloom we can take before we all become desensitized and give up following the news at all.

For this week’s IDR we thought we would bring to light the significant achievements in renewable energy across the globe, within a year that was very tough for those who care about the future of the earth.

The technology for clean, sustainable energy has been around for years – what has been difficult is implementing it on a large scale, due to expense and the influence wielded by energy companies with a heavy reliance on fossil fuel. However, as energy sources such as solar power have become cheaper there has become a rare opportunity for nations usually considered less developed; such as UgandaGhana or even Morocco, to advance beyond the supposed global ‘powerhouses’ in Europe, China and our own United Kingdom.

A solar panel field in Morocco – source:  energydigital


As renewable energy becomes more economically viable, more money is being pumped into the sector and naturally there have been some success stories. Bare mind many of these are baby steps in the grand scheme of things, but they are a genuine source of hope of decarbonising our energy supply.

QZ: Las Vegas’s city government is now powered by 100% renewable energy, and more cities will follow

Its worth noting that Las Vegas is not currently running off 100% renewables but has recently achieved the capability to do so, after a solar field Boulder Solar 1 came online in December

Grist: Costa Rica got 98% of its Electricity from renewables in 2016

This wasn’t a one off; the Central American nation generated 99% of its electricity from renewables the year before as well!


Climate Action Programme: Portugal proves a whole country can run on renewables alone

Earlier this year Portugal ran the whole country on renewable electricity alone for almost a whole working week
and finally…

Al Jazeera: “US scientists find new way to convert CO2 to green fuel”

Carbon dioxide is turned into ethanol, the most commonly used biofuel could be a “building block” towards creating a low-carbon energy system. 



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