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London | Friday 25 May
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Alongside George Marshall’s book ‘Don’t Even Think About It’ a major inspiration and driving force behind Adam Chodzko’s climate change film ‘Deep Above’ is Naomi Klein’s theories on capitalism and climate change, best expressed in her book ‘This Changes Everything’.

One of the most difficult aspects of tackling climate change is that the systems in which many societies are obliged to live within are built around, and upon, processes and services, such as transport, trade and energy. All three of these examples in their current state are contributing to climate change. The ideology of capitalism is weaved into the everyday lives of most modern societies around the world; it is this mode of thinking – the importance economics over everything – that arguably allows climate change to continue undisturbed. It is very hard to stop the factors that stimulate climate change if the way modern society operates is built out of this way of thinking.

The articles below directly address Klein’s points and actually get her thoughts on them put forward in a far more detailed manner than the brief explanation above. Klein’s points on the right-wing’s traditionally opposing stance to anything to do with climate change prevention are particularly enlightening:

Al-Jazeera: Is Capitalism Driving Climate Change (interview with Naomi Klein)

The Guardian: Tony Abbott and Naomi Klein agree: we can’t beat climate change under capitalism 


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