Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 16 July
Pollution level: Moderate

Plane Jam – HeHe

© HeHe, Plane Jam, May 2011

6th -21st May 2011 See video link

An unmanned aircraft entered the lower airspace of the city of  Norwich in May, targeting the consciences of the people beneath it. The installation created by internationally acclaimed artists Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen (collectively known as HeHe) formed  part of Norwich and Norfolk Festival, 6th – 21st May 2011.

Airplane emissions are invisible. Only microscopic water droplets  –  the non-toxic part of the emissions – can be seen as plane contrails.  High up in the stratosphere air travel seems in harmony with our world.  Only  during take off and landing are we aware of the noise and  pollution.  Parisian artist partnership HeHe added more planes above Norwich; quieter and smaller than their giant cousins, travelling between buildings emitting their own imitation trails. ‘Plane Jam’  comments on  the increasing numbers of planes in our skies and low-cost  flight  culture.

‘Plane Jam’ was sited in the centre of Norwich,  visible to thousands of pedestrians who were able to take in a series of remote controlled emissions at various times throughout the day. These highly visible emissions drew attention to the high-cost of low-cost air travel that is damaging our fragile atmosphere, as well as the envelope of gases surrounding the earth.

The project was conceived during the artists’ residency at the Environmental Sciences Department at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, collaborating with Peter Brimblecombe and drawing from the work of Frank Kelly on how air pollution affects the air we breathe.  In addition, the work was also inspired by discussions with researchers, in the aftermath of the Icelandic Eyjafjöll volcano eruption.

To see Alice Sharp, curator of Invisible Dust talk about plane jam, please watch from 03:10

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