Invisible Dust

London | Sunday 17 February
Pollution level: Moderate

Interactive London Pollution Guide


Snapshot of the Guardian's interactive air pollution map.

Snapshot of the Guardian’s interactive air pollution map.

The Guardian has updated its interactive London pollution guide.

Visit: to check air pollution levels in your postcode and surrounding areas. London has the highest level of nitrogen dioxide of any capital in Europe, with only little progress made in the past few years. Air pollution is linked to a number of health problems, especially respiratory diseases.

Air pollution was one of Invisible Dust’s first areas of study. Last autumn, Dryden Goodwin unveiled his installation, Breathe, across from the Houses of Parliament. The gigantic animated drawing showed the effects of air pollution on the labored breathing of a young boy, to remind London of the importance of clean air. The art project was accompanied by a series of workshops at schools to educate young people about how the lungs work, and how they can be damaged by the tiny airborne particles of air pollution.


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