Invisible Dust

London | Wednesday 16 January
Pollution level: Moderate

Ian Rawlinson

Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson. The Four Horsemen - War, 2009. Courtesy the artists.

“The work of  Ian Rawlinson and Nick Crowe is a poetic exploration of cultural values. Their work addresses questions around faith, politics, national identity and the environment. Often built around pairings and oppositions their video and sculptural works create an encounter with the viewer that focuses on the complexity of objects and actions in relation to their social contexts. Works like The Fireworks, The Carriers’ Prayer or The Four Horsemen operate though an unravelling of the social and ideological consequences of an action in regard to its apparent spectacle. This interest in consequence is reflected in the aesthetics of spectacle and excess that sit at the heart of their practice. In this sense the visual and aural intensity of much of their work can be seen as the discursive opening in its conversation with the viewer.”

Loop (2007)
Loop (2007)


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