Invisible Dust

London | Wednesday 16 January
Pollution level: Moderate

Get on your bike and come to the View Tube!


Gavin Turk and Ben Wilson 4H, June 2011, Image by Jim Hollingworth

25th June -24th July, Bow Bells Ring, installation by Colin Priest

2nd and 3rd July 11-5pm, 4H events, Gavin Turk and Ben Wilson

1st-5th July, 7pm Bicycle Thieves, BMX theatre and live pedal-powered sound

12th-17th July, Goal, cycle race installation by Kobberling & Kaltwasser

The View Tube, The Greenway, E15 2PJ, Newham

Bicycle Wheel is a series of art events around cycling in June and July 2011 as part of View Tube Art. Gavin Turk & Ben Wilson, Kobberling Kaltwasser, Colin Priest and ‘The Bicycle Thieves’ are creating new pedal powered vehicles, finishing lines for cycling races, 100 ringing bicycle bells and a play on BMX’s. Bicycle Wheel was conceived by Invisible Dust curator Alice Sharp and is inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel, 1913, the first ready-made, which challenges the assumptions of what is art. Bicycle Wheel is funded by the Arts Council of England and celebrates the joy of riding a bicycle whilst highlighting the need for more thoughtful, sustainable and pleasurable ways to travel.

All free except Bicycle Thieves performances (buy tickets here)


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