Invisible Dust

London | Sunday 17 February
Pollution level: Moderate

Free workshops at Manchester Arndale, 27th July



We had a great group of participants today for our ‘Breathing: Back to Basics’ workshops where people made their own ink breath drawings.  Our workshop leader will be at Manchester Arndale from 12 until 6pm tomorrow 27th July running free workshops to raise awareness of air pollution and its effect on our bodies.

Most of us are aware about air pollution and it is no secret that road traffic is one of the major contributors for air quality reduction. Air pollution is a serious global public health issue not only in Greater Manchester area but in other cities like London and Birmingham where air quality regulations are not met and even exceeded. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulates less than 10 microns (PM10) are the two pollutants that are causing the most concern, according to DEFRA we can expect nitrogen dioxide levels to be within the EU legal limits no sooner than 2020 in Greater Manchester and in cities like London as late as 2025.

© ‘Human Sensor’ by Kasia Molga courtesy of Invisible Dust, Photo by Nick Harrison, 2016.

Air quality projects and campaigns are already starting to address these issues seriously. Meeting legal responsibilities for improving air quality means developing a local Air Quality Action Plan that includes local authorities collaborating together to tackle the primary source of key pollutants. Plans are being integrated into the Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan however the public engagement remains equally important. Why raising awareness is so important? How can you change the society’s behavior? Projects like The Human Sensor (part of the Manchester, European City of Science) are aimed to communicate the important message of air quality in our city. Hi-tech wearable costumes  are used to display the invisible pollution on busy streets like Oxford Street and series of performances and talks are taking place throughout the week aiming to increase  public participation ad raise awareness about the threat of air pollution and the small things we can do daily that will have a positive impact.


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