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London | Wednesday 16 January
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Flooding: Investment cuts will put thousands more at risk


Increased flood risk is the greatest threat to the UK from climate change. A  recent report by the Committee on Climate Change suggested that the government has not headed warnings.

An article in the guardian describes criticism of the government for their failure to invest in flood defences, claiming that an extra 330,000 properties in the UK will be at serious risk of flooding by 2035. The government have refuted the claims, saying they have in fact cut the predicted number of homes at risk since Labour was in power.

However, the truth remains that since the Coalition Government was formed spending on flood defences were cut. Already one in six properties in England are at risk of flooding and new houses continue to be built on flood plains.

Only after the winter flooding did the government announce a funding boost, the problem being, this extra £270 million is primarily to repair defences that were damaged in the storm. After 2015/16 investment will fall back to previously announced plans and then remain static until 2021.

Devastation caused by flooding is already a reality for many people in the UK, and with the impact of climate change, extreme weather is becoming the norm. The government needs to pay real attention to these changes, and the nation’s resilience must rise accordingly.

Invisible Dust has been working with artist Eve Mosher on the project HighWaterLine. Taking place in Bristol from 9th-21st September 2014, this public performance piece brings community members and experts together to explore the future of climate change and flooding resilience. To find out more visit the website or see the project page.


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