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London | Wednesday 21 August
Pollution level: Moderate

Elizabeth Price wins Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award


Elizabeth Price, WEST HINDER, courtesy of the artist and MOTInternational 2012

Elizabeth Price, WEST HINDER, Production still, courtesy of the artist and MOTInternational 2012


Elizabeth Price is one of the eight visual artists and composers to receive the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s 2012 Award for Artists. The awards ceremony took place on October 31, at the Foundation’s headquarters in King’s Cross. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists is the largest award of its kind in the UK. The Foundation’s chair, Jane Hamlyn, commented, “Since 1994, PHF has given nearly £4m to artists and composers – to buy some time, pay some bills, dream some dreams. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made.” Price will receive £50,000 over three years, and full autonomy as to how she chooses to use the generous grant.

Price is currently the first artist in residence Rutherford Appleton Space Laboratory, where she is collaborating with Dr Hugh Mortimer for a project to be announced in 2013. To prepare, she has been studying the RAL archive, along with video footage, photographs, and Dr Mortimer’s own research, with a particular focus on black body sources, solar imagery, and EISCAT: a Northern Scandinavian study on the interaction between the Sun and the Earth.



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