Invisible Dust

London | Saturday 20 April
Pollution level: Moderate

Cambridge Science Festival 2011

Saturday 19th March 2011

Kazoo-making at the Cambridge Science Festival, March 2011

Drop-in Family workshops

During the 2011 Cambridge Science Festival, Invisible Dust took up residence at Jesus Green Lido, where among the artworks on show were HeHe’s Is there a Horizon in the Deep Water and Liz Ballard’s Jesus Green Water Feature.

To build on and respond to the questions and challenges that arose through the artist’s work, drop in family workshops ran throughout the day on Saturday 19 March for anyone aged five upwards who wished to explore breathing through art and science infused workshops.

Over the course of the day a staggering 400 people dropped by to take part in a range of exercises on offer, including the creation of ink breath drawings and kazoo making (wind instruments) lead by artist Effie Coe and Sarah Carne to visually and sonically capture exhaled breath. Meanwhile a team of scientists from King’s College London brought equipment to test visitor’s lung capacity and spread news and awareness of the London Air Quality Network website whose powerful tools allow online visitors to understand and monitor air pollution in real time and on their doorstep.