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London | Wednesday 16 January
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Doha Conference: more to do


The UN Summit on climate change at Doha has now been concluded, with the overall consensus, even from members states previously reluctant to address climate change, that fast action is needed.

Progress remains slow on the international level, with a near deadlock on the final days of the summit as countries failed to agree on key issues, such as the renewal of the Kyoto Protocol. However, it seems that many countries are making significant advances in their domestic legislation and regulations, and this has especially been the case in developing countries: Mexico has implemented a comprehensive framework to address the environmental crisis as well as legislation regarding its deforestation problems; South Africa’s latest budget includes a proposed carbon tax; China has passed its first sub-national legislation, in the region of Shenzhen, to tackle climate change.

In Europe, the EU has passed a new directive on energy efficiency, and Germany has strengthened its own legislation on the matter.

Experts stress the importance of progress in domestic policies around the world, with the thought that international progress will result from the cumulative effect of these different policies. Only by getting countries concerned about the impact of climate change on their own interests will significant progress be made, domestically and internationally.

Invisible Dust works to raise awareness of the direct, tangible impact that environmental problems such as global warming and pollution have on our lives.





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