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London | Wednesday 16 January
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Doha Climate Change Conference


Doha, Qatar – the latest talks of UN climate talks are underway. The goal: to agree on a framework  by 2015 for the world’s leading economies to quickly and efficiently cut their carbon emissions.

The conference has already generated a great deal of controversy, as well as some promising moments. One of the most heated debates has focused on who is to blame for climate change. Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General, wants the developed world to own up for their disproportionate effect on climate change, and take lead in trying to fix it. The UK’s Lord Stern, former World Bank chief economist, counters that it is developing economies like China and India who should take responsibility. Others targeted the Koch brothers, oil baron billionaires in the USA, who have been “[Holding] any progress in Washington hostage,” according to IFG Directo Victor Menotti, while they secure their own interests at the expense of the environment. President Obama has claimed that he wants the US to be a leader in the fight against global warming, but he cannot act without a cooperative congress.

As for the good news: the youth initiative that galvanised the last Climate Change Conference has returned, not only in the form of impassioned student speakers, but also through the recently-formed Arab Youth Climate Movement, who led Qatar’s first-ever sanctioned demonstration. China, Korea, Germany, Japan and the UK, seem to be turning towards low-carbon energy, which will hopefully lead to investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency at a large enough scale to keep prices low. This kind of progress is right in line with Invisible Dust’s goals of environmental awareness and the promotion of cleaner, less toxic energy.





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