Invisible Dust

London | Sunday 22 July
Pollution level: Moderate

Deep ocean explorers in Northamptonshire


As part of our Shambala festival plans for this summer, Invisible Dust recently visited two schools local to the festival to talk about ocean pollution and plastic waste.

Pupils from years five and six at Clipston and Maidwell primary schools took part in our ocean workshops, learning about threats to the ocean from our polluting practices, and discussing how we can change our behaviour.

Then, using the recycled plastic they had been collecting, plus some glitter and UV paint to recreate the magic of bioluminescence, the pupils created their own flamboyant ocean creature artworks. Lots of inspiration came from the understanding that we still know so little about the inhabitants and environment of the deep ocean.

In the image above, a lovingly designed creature which emerged from the students enthusiasm for the bizarre Dumbo octopus, which lives at depths of 4000m below the surface, and is named for the disney character because of it’s large ear-like fins.

The artworks will be on display in the Enchanted Woods for the duration of Shambala, and festival goers will be able to join us in the Kids field all weekend to make their own glowing creations.

Artist Adam Chodzko, working with Invisible Dust, will deliver a performance at Shambala festival, as part of his project ‘Deep Above’ exploring behavioural psychology and climate change.


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