Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 16 July
Pollution level: Moderate

Counting down to Manchester City of Science


As Manchester City of Science approaches and the Human Sensor project is about to premiere, Kasia Molga and the team at Invisible Dust are making some final preparations on the live performances, wearable costumes, visuals and soundtrack.

Drawing attention to the dangers of air pollution to the human body and to the environment is no easy task, its effects are not immediate enough to easily show an unaware public. Human Sensor uses dance, art, fashion, science and electronics to create a strong visual presence that will make the invisible visible.

Collaborating with choreographer Ruth Jones is central to the delivery of Human Sensor. The performers that will wear the costumes have been picked and guided by Ruth to exhibit these already striking pieces of clothing in a way that draws attention and creates intrigue. Rehearsals have been underway at the Wonder Inn in Shudehill for several weeks, routines have been created specifically to emphasise the visual nature of the wearables, and also to cater to its physical limitations – something these dancers had not experienced before.

Another element of the performance, which will culminate at Sadler’s Yard, Halle St. Peter’s and Manchester Central, is an audio composition arranged around the breath of the individual performers. During rehearsals last week, each member of the group was recorded as they practiced their routines to capture the sound of their breaths, which have been reimagined into a soundscape to run alongside the performance. Now, the project has another means of neutralising air pollution invisibility: as well as the dynamism of the performance and the eye-catching character of the wearables form and its shifting colours, the dramatic atmosphere of this soundscape draws immediate attention to the breathe, something which is normally so unconcious.

The launch event will be at 70 Oxford Street (the old Cornerhouse building) from 7.30pm, for further information please click here.


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