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London | Tuesday 16 July
Pollution level: Moderate

Cooking up a Storm: Finding James Cook


Eskdale School, Caedmon College students, artist Fiona MacDonald and Natasha Pulley on board the Atyla © Invisible Dust

6 young people from Eskdale School and Caedmon College in Whitby are currently on a once-in-a-lifetime trip from London following the footsteps of Captain James Cook. They are joined by Encounters artist Fiona MacDonald: Feral Practice and award-winning, international bestselling author, Natasha Pulley.

Their voyage of discovery is part of the Cook 250 Whitby Festival and the Encounters exhibition programme at Whitby Library, curated by Invisible Dust.

After spending an exciting and busy few days exploring London, visiting Kew Gardens, the National Maritime Museum, the Natural History Museum, the British Library and the Royal Society, this lucky group of young people have set sail on Atyla; a tall ship with it’s coordinates set for Whitby and the Cook 250 Festival.

– Tweet from Fiona MacDonald: Feral Practice on board Atyla.

Track the progress of Atyla as it travels up the east coast. Click the image below to see its latest position.

When they disembark in Whitby the group will create a display of films, images, objects and writing entitled, Cooking up a Storm: Finding James Cook, a Journey Through Time at Whitby Library. Join them to find out more about their personal voyage of discovery on Sunday 8th July at 1.30pm at Whitby Library.


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