Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 16 July
Pollution level: Moderate

Collect London’s smog dust!


Article in the Evening Standard:

One of London’s worst smogs of recent years was forecast to peak today as Boris Johnson faced criticism for “prioritising cars over public transport.”

Air pollution was forecast to reach “high” levels of up to 8 out of ten this afternoon with a “soup” of Saharan dust, car fumes and European industrial emissions covering the capital.

Asthma sufferers and other people with heart of lung problems were warned not to take exercise outdoors, threatening the London Marathon preparations for some runners.

Matt Hawkins, member of the Green Party, said: “We are calling on members, supporters and anyone who cares about air pollution to collect the dust that is around
London’ s roads and send a message calling for action on air pollution”.

Invisible Dust has been working with artists on air pollution projects since 2009 such as  ‘Breathe’, shown above, a video projection in 2012 on St Thomas’ hospital roof by Dryden Goodwin, exploring air pollution’s affects on children and is planning a new work with artist Kasia Molga to highlight its health affects in 2015.



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