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London | Wednesday 17 October
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Businesses could save billions


Recent research by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) suggests resource efficiency savings could be achieved through “little or no investment” and could improve competitiveness and employment opportunities for UK business.

The biggest savings identified in the report amounted to £18 billion a year through using raw materials more efficiently and generating less waste. A further £4 billion of savings were estimated through energy efficiency and £1 billion by reducing water usage.

It estimated 29 million tonnes of carbon emissions could be saved a year by taking such action. The sectors showing the best potential for resource efficiency savings were chemicals, metal manufacturing, power and utilities, construction and road freight.

Marks & Spencer, which has taken action on resource efficiency through its Plan A programme, claims to have made a profit of £50 million last year through using less energy, less packaging and recycling more and by opening up new revenue streams.

“From our own experience, going green is good for business as well as being good for the environment,” said Richard Gillies, director of Plan A at Marks & Spencer.

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  1. Sreeraj says:

    Any LR expansion ukaertdnen by the city needs to focus on long term connectivity. A bunch of spur lines don’t make for a coherent and easy to use system IMO.For instance I’d like to see Ballard LR connect to Brooklyn, not DT, to form the first leg of an eventual Ballard, Brooklyn, 520, Bellevue, Issaquah line.

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