Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 23 April
Pollution level: Moderate

Adam Chodzko Interviewed in Amuse Magazine


Adam Chodzko was featured in Amuse magazine last week, where he talked about his new film Deep Above, an exploration of climate change, psychology and why we fail to act.

After the climate deal was struck in Paris this weekend, art that deals with climate change and can connect on a more human level seems more needed than ever. Newspaper headlines are focusing on whether temperatures can safely rise by 1.5C or 2C, certainly an important difference, but one that most people can’t connect with emotionally. In the interview, Chodzko asserts that “it’s difficult to still our chattering minds, but we need to develop a super consciousness that can reflect on this thing—climate change—that we keep trying to avoid”.

You can watch Deep Above here if you haven’t already, and read the full article here.



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