Invisible Dust

London | Wednesday 16 January
Pollution level: Moderate

Adam Chodzko at Shambala


At Shambala festival, with his audience beneath a luminous tented sky, Adam Chodzko introduced us to the process of developing current project ‘Deep Above’.

‘Deep Above’, whose November Watershed premier coincides with the run-up to the Paris climate talks, and considers why we are not responding to climate change, instead chancing environmental catastrophe.

Over 45 minutes, Chodzko’s talk negotiated his progress with this difficult subject, revealing insights of behavioural psychology into our struggle to act in favour of our own future.

The talk revealed sources of interest to the process, from George Marshall’s revelatory book ‘Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change’, to the discussion of political performance and propaganda in the narratives of documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis.

Adam Chodzko uses moving image and sound to explore, short-circuit and abstract our slippery self-deceptions regarding climate change. His new video, ‘Deep Above’, attempts, through art, to loosen our mental blocks about environmental catastrophe.

The premiere  will take place on 20 November at Watershed Cinema in Bristol, as part of the events for Bristol Green Capital.

Invisible Dust were also installed in the Kid’s Field for the weekend, running ocean workshops with children and parents. Using recycled plastic materials, we let our imaginations fill the gaps in human knowledge about the creatures of the deep ocean, and made wild, luminous creations. The workshops also enabled conversations with festival-goers about the endangering of these ocean environments – before we’ve even grasped their biodiversity, due to deep sea trawling and mineral extraction.

‘Deep Above’ is commissioned by Invisible Dust and funded by the Wellcome Trust.

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