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London | Wednesday 16 January
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80 British Companies call for stonger action on climate change

Climate Summit, UN headquarters, New York, America - 23 Sep 2014 Photograph: Xinhua News Agency/REX/Xinhua News Agency/REX

80 British companies including big high street names Ikea, John Lewis and Tesco as well as two of the Big Six energy companies have called on David Cameron to take decisive action on climate change. The open letter published in the Financial Times calls on the government to build a low-carbon economy that will create jobs and boost the UK’s competitiveness.

Big businesses are realising that failure to build a clean economy and to to set an ambitious carbon target at the Paris Summit will put economic prosperity at risk, asking Cameron to seek a “strong climate deal”.

The letter also signed by Sky, Coca-Cola, Kingfisher and Thames Water says “We look forward to continuing to work with your government to deliver a cleaner, greener and more prosperous Britain.” Signatories have also asked the government to establish a long-term framework for investment in low-carbon economy alongside the climate deal in Paris. These interventions as well as successes of the divestment campaign are providing industry much-needed clarity over what is expected for our future development and will hopefully boost confidence in green investors now and into the future.

See full list of signatories in the Guardian.


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