Invisible Dust

London | Tuesday 23 July
Pollution level: Moderate

Bio Blitz!


This coming Sunday 1st of July, wildlife experts including Bats in Space‘s Prof. Kate Jones will spend 24 hours...

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Bats in Space


Bats hear in 3D and may “hear in colour” according to Prof. Richard Dawkins. Human hearing ranges 15 to...

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Bats in Space: How Bats See, Hear and Feel Their Way Around


“Their sound is more evolutionarily advanced than human beings, they look better and they eat pests” Jeremy Deller, June...

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WWF’s verdict on the environment


Today is World Environment Day, but the latest WWF Living Planet Report doesn’t really call out for a celebration....

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Submit your thoughts on World Oceans Day


“Life on the blue planet would not be possible without the ocean. Yet it remains one of the least understood...

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