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2010 : Record breaking temperatures.

Photo details : Diptendu Dutta/AFP/Getty Images. Photo courtesy: Guardian

In the last year 17 countries worldwide were subject to record breaking temperatures since 1850. Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Chad, Kuwait, Burma, Sudan, Niger and Saudi Arabia were all imposed with extreme weather conditions; the first decade of the millennium has proven to be the hottest averaging at 0.46C above 1961-90 records. 2010 also marked a rise in CO2 levels in the atmosphere after a slight fall apparently caused by the previous year’s recession.

In Russia, unprecedented heat waves caused forest fires that engulfed whole settlements. It was estimated that 2,200 civilians were left homeless and traumatised in addition to a death poll of 40.

Severe heat anomalies in 2010 happened across most of Canada and Greenland, where annual temperatures were 3C or more above normal. In Africa and south Asia, yearly temperatures reached 1-3C above normal.

Britain, Germany, France and Norway all had their coolest years since 1996 due mainly to below-normal temperatures during the winter.

According to the World Meteorological Organisation Guinea, in West Africa was the only country in the world to have recorded a record low temperature in 2010. Several regions in Siberia, South America, Australia and south eastern United States also experienced temperature lows in comparison to previous years.
Despite the abnormalities, several climate scientists monitoring sea temperatures in the Pacific, say 2010 will be followed by cooler global temperatures in 2011.

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